Spiritual Dimensions

God wants us to know him, and he is not limited to our 3D existence, and so we enter the spiritual dimensions.
Discovering more of God is an experience that rocks the soul. It is like the realization of being stretched beyond normal boundaries. Some go to the edge of the Pacific Ocean at Redondo Beach and assume they have seen the Pacific Ocean. Now, certainly, they have seen a portion of it, a stretch of beach, a few waves, but there is more of the Pacific Ocean. It is miles and miles across and miles deep. Some have seen something of God in his work or his Word, but he has more for his people. God desires to show people his wonders, and he wants them to get close so they can learn more of who he is. That is our journey in Spiritual Dimensions to get to know our God.

Spiritual Dimensions Retreats

Fall Spiritual Dimensions Retreat 2024
Coming October 11-13, 2024 is the Fall Spiritual Dimensions Retreat.  Sign up for the retreat by emailing Pastor Randy at pastor@gracebiblepryor.org and letting him know you plan to attend.  Then book a cabin or room at Sequoyah State Park Home Page – GuestRez (megasyshms.com)
Your costs for the retreat are your time and attention, plus your transportation, room, and meals.  Sign up today!
The group Spiritual Dimensions Retreats take place in January, April, and October. Retreats begin on a Friday evening and end Sunday morning after breakfast and in time for church. The retreats require a willingness to learn and try. Those who have attended have been pushed, stretched, and broken spiritually, which has led them to new fervor, spiritual insight, and a dynamic relationship with the living God. Retreats provide thirty-six hours of extended time for spiritual transformation to take place.