Retreats for Connecting with God

Retreats are available for various purposes. Some retreats include team building and confidence building courses while others are a time away at a spa to rejuvenate. GBC retreats for connecting with God do result in a rejuvenation and team building and confidence building, but those are secondary to developing a person’s relationship with God.

The spiritual retreats focus on the process and practice of relating to God. There are some small group meetings which allow for times of instruction and encouragement. There are also solo times set aside for each person to really practice focusing on God, prayer, and listening to God.

Spiritual Dimensions Retreat

Be refreshed, renewed, and refocused with God. Discovering more about Him and how to relate with Him are central to the experience. A willing heart, a Bible, a journal, and some hiking shoes are key to the process. Randy Huddleston, Pastor of Grace Bible Church, will lead the retreat beginning at 7:00 pm on Friday, and ending Sunday morning. A few gatherings will happen along the way, but the majority of the time is for you and your God.   Your lodging, food, and transportation are your only costs.  Restaurant meals average around $10.00 per person. Lodging is dependent on the season and the type of accommodations you would like from camping to a cabin to a lodge room. You may want to bring drinks and snacks for your room and hiking or even to share with the group. You may prefer to fast over the 36 hours of the retreat, which is up to you. If you would like to donate for the retreat, you may do so, but you are under no obligation.   To attend a Spiritual Dimensions Retreat, contact Randy Huddleston at Grace Bible Church phone: 918-825-5147 or email: to sign up. Spiritual Dimensions Retreats are held in January, April and October you can arrange your lodging by contacting The Lodge at Sequoyah State Park near Hulbert, Oklahoma 918-772-2545. For details on a particular retreat contact Randy.


Consider a location away from home like Sequoyah State Park. As wonderful as it is, your home is filled with the distractions and responsibilities of life.  When we are unsettled, we are better prepared to watch and listen to what God has to say.  Going home, refreshed in the Lord gives vitality to life, family, home, work, school, ministry, and all that God has for you.

The Retreat Weekend

Prepare for 36 hours of time with the Lord. No wasted time. No rushing. Plenty of refreshing, refocusing and retuning.
Friday evenings. Cabins and rooms are available after 3:00 pm so come to Sequoyah State Park and check in when you are ready. We will meet at 5:30 pm in the Lodge at the Restaurant for dinner. Not everyone can make that time which is understandable, but for those who can meet at 5:30. The first meeting will be at 7:00 pm. The location will be determined. Make sure to provide contact information to Randy so that he can let you know of the location.
Saturday. A full day ahead. Start early if you would like and take off on a walk with the Lord. Meet for breakfast at 8:00 am at the Restaurant. The first meeting will be at 9:00 am. Each retreat is different so the schedule may change and areas of emphasis will adjust as well.
Sunday. The preparation to leave takes some of the morning, and for those who eat breakfast they meet at 7:00 am. Those from GBC head for church at 8:00 am.
Take clothing appropriate for the weather and for your activities. You may want a backpack, waters, and snacks for the trail.
Bring your Bible, journal, pen, and a ready heart.
A cookout and time around a campfire takes place on Saturday evening. S’mores and smiles and God stories abound. Bring a folding chair and any snacks you would like to share.